Cost Effectiveness Analysis Training

Course SummaryThis training course has been designed to bring you up close and personal with cost effectiveness analysis (CEA), one of the fastest-growing fields in health research. Our goal is to impart to you not only up-to-date knowledge about CEA, but also the applied technical skills necessary to design, conduct, and interpret your own CEA. Our innovative approach will incorporate real-life case studies in decision analysis, so that you begin to think like the experts do. That way, instead of just being able to recite facts and “speak the lingo” of CEA, you will be positioned perfectly to become a functional analyst in your work or studies. This course is engineered meticulously: your instructors’ ongoing integration of software will mobilize more than one area of your brain, and our visually stimulating environment will make your learning experience a pleasurable one.

Who should take this course?
Anyone can take this course; however, our most common participants are public health, medical, or business students, health economists, biomedical researchers, health care providers, epidemiologists, country or state health department employees, or international NGO employees.

What kind of topics will be covered?
Our series of CHAT videos and learning modules in cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) will include a wide range of topics, from beginner to advanced:

  • Principles of CEA
  • Working with and estimating costs
  • Event pathways and probabilities
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  • Health-related quality of life measures
  • Estimation of life expectancy
  • Calculation of quality-adjusted life-years
  • Structure and inputs of a decision analysis model
  • Building a cost-effectiveness model
  • Rollback and expected value calculations
  • Cost-effectiveness plane, dominance in CEA, net benefits calculations
  • Using variables and distributions
  • One- and two-way deterministic sensitivity analysis
  • Tornado diagrams
  • Probabilistic sensitivity analysis
  • Cost effectiveness scatterplots and cost acceptability curves
  • Markov Models
  • Time-dependence
  • Discounting
  • Microsimulation
    …and much, much more!
CEA Module Series | Final Exam | Certificate
What's in a module? We’ve developed your CEA course as a series of modules that are designed to progressively build your knowledge and competency in a logical and progressive fashion. Each module contains four (4) core components:
  • An Introduction will provide a bird’s eye view of the content, its value in CEA, and place it within the context of the entire course.
  • The Learning Goals will set the stage for the specific knowledge and competency areas we aim to address throughout the various module components.
  • Now, the real fun begins (yes, we mean that!)…you will watch an engaging, case-based Video through which we will take you from the forest and into the trees, imparting not only understanding and context, but also translating them into the skills necessary to interact with CEA software.
  • We will then test your new knowledge with a Quiz. The quiz is designed to make certain that you’ve captured the essential content and skills presented in the video before progressing to the next phase. Only a 70% unlocks the next door.

The last hurdle of the course will be a cumulative Final to test your overall knowledge and competency of the course material. But no worries! Our course is specifically designed to impart you with the critical thinking skills necessary to move on to the next level. A passing score reflects your mastery of a particular CEA skill level and will earn you a Certificate of Completion.