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What is CHAT?

"CHAT" stands for Community Health Analytics Training.

Who is the COMMUNITY? Well, that’s all of you. We serve a very broad and diverse community from public health, medical, and business students, health economists, biomedical researchers, health care providers, and epidemiologists to those of you who might work for a county or state health department, or an international health NGO.

Why HEALTH ANALYTICS? Well, two reasons really. First, health analytics encompasses technologies and skills that are used to deliver key insights into an extremely complex, interdependent health arena that impact health outcomes, costs, and healthcare quality. In essence, health analytics are extremely important across the globe. Second, despite its utility, few people understand what health analytics is, and even fewer have the skills and confidence necessary to use it in their organizations.

It is then through TRAINING that we hope to fill this void, providing you with tangible, practical expertise in health analytics, and the world with a critical mass of functional analysts in the workforce.

CHAT Audience members (graphic)

CEA for Health and Medicine


So why take a CHAT course?  In short, because health will always be a fundamental issue globally and unfortunately we don’t live in a world with unlimited resources. 

Therefore, decision-makers in every nation will need people capable of generating meaningful information that helps them to maximize the health of their citizens.  Your instructors are experts that will teach you the art of conceptualizing, conducting, and interpreting from simple to complex decision analysis models.  By taking this course, you will have the skills necessary to perform cost-effectiveness analysis using cutting edge tools – and that will make you an important contributor to the quality and affordability of health care, and a relevant, desired resource internationally.

Our Team

Learn from the experts. Learn from passionate, energetic personalities. Learn from the best!

The true value of CHAT lies with its team. We designed CHAT to fill a void. Despite health analytics being one of the fastest-growing fields in health and medicine, and the potential for health analytics to impact health on a global scale, few people have the skills and confidence necessary to use it in their own organizations. We wanted to change that. Our goal in designing CHAT was to use our skills, experience, and innovative approach to imparting knowledge and skills to help build a critical mass of functional analysts in the workforce. We hope you’ll be part of that endeavor.

CHAT was created by Drs. Hamisu Salihu and Jason Salemi. Dr. Salihu is a board-certified physician and world-renowned researcher with hundreds of peer-reviewed publications to his credit. As evidenced by his book, ObamaCare Simplified, he is adamant about offering patients, researchers, and organizations with not only the best evidence available, but also in a manner in which it is easy to understand and use. Dr. Salemi is an epidemiologist with a substantial and versatile proficiency in database development, data linkage, management, analysis, and visualization, program and systems evaluation, community engagement, and information dissemination.

CHATacademy Support Team (graphic)


“I started my career as a nurse specializing in child health. Although I did my graduate work in the United States, I have been passionate about improving the health of people back home. In Eritrea, resources are so much more scarce than in the US. The trainers in CHAT opened my eyes to the utility of cost-effectiveness analysis – I can’t believe everyone in a developing country doesn’t learn this. Since this course, I’ve already been able to conduct several CEA projects here in the US, and look forward to expanding my research globally”.

CHAT Graduate: M Mogos

Mulubrhan Mogos
Eritrea, Africa

CHAT Graduate: R Wilson

Roneé Wilson
Tampa, Florida, United States

“When I first signed up for this course, I cringed at some of the complexities of “Monte Carlo simulation” and “probabilistic sensitivity analysis”. I’m passionate about bettering people’s lives and empowering them to be healthier, and not so much so about statistical methodologies. The amazing thing is that Jason and Jennifer break everything down to its bare essentials, and use case studies so you can envision yourself making a difference with the skills you are learning. I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised”.

“One word…wow. I’m an epidemiologist in maternal and child health, and am on the verge of completing my Ph.D. I’ve noticed that there is an increasing desire to incorporate cost considerations into traditional public health research. I was offered the opportunity to take the course, which I thought would be just like any other online course. Instead, I found these CHAT videos to be amazingly informative, but also FUN! Each video, I was learning and practicing new things using software that was new to me. Who knew I’d end up being a cost-effectiveness guru”

CHAT Graduate: JP Tanner

Jean Paul Tanner
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico