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What is CHAT?

"CHAT" stands for Community Health Analytics Training.

Who is the COMMUNITY? Well, that’s all of you. We serve a very broad and diverse community from public health, medical, and business students, health economists, biomedical researchers, health care providers, and epidemiologists to those of you who might work for a county or state health department, or an international health NGO.

Why HEALTH ANALYTICS? Well, two reasons really. First, health analytics encompasses technologies and skills that are used to deliver key insights into an extremely complex, interdependent health arena that impact health outcomes, costs, and healthcare quality. In essence, health analytics are extremely important across the globe. Second, despite its utility, few people understand what health analytics is, and even fewer have the skills and confidence necessary to use it in their organizations.

It is then through TRAINING that we hope to fill this void, providing you with tangible, practical expertise in health analytics, and the world with a critical mass of functional analysts in the workforce.

CHAT Audience members (graphic)